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Hilary Linton

J.D., LL.M., FDRP. Med- Certified Specialist in Family Mediation, Acc. FM., Cert. F. Med.

Hilary Linton is a Toronto lawyer, mediator, arbitrator and teacher. After litigating family and civil disputes for 14 years, she started Riverdale Mediation which is internationally recognized for high quality dispute resolution services and innovative ADR training.

Elizabeth Hyde

B. Ed., J.D., LL.M., Acc. FM., FDRP PC, Certified Specialist in Parenting Coordination

Elizabeth Hyde is the Principal of Medius Dispute Resolutions, the Executive Director of mediate393 inc. and an associated mediator, arbitrator and parenting coordinator with Riverdale Mediation Ltd.

Clifford S. Nelson


After practicing family law in Toronto for 28 years, Clifford Nelson was appointed to the Superior Court of Justice (Ontario) where he specialized in family law. For nineteen years, Clifford dealt with all manner of family law disputes from cases involving children to cases about property and support.

Our Early Days of Family Mediation

In the early years, we provided only civil and family mediation services in Toronto. In these early days, family mediation was not seen as a standard option for separating couples in Toronto. We worked hard to promote family mediation as a natural, practical and affordable way for many former partners and spouses to work out their differences themselves.

Our focus from the start was on respecting the fundamental principles of Toronto family mediation: a fair, safe, balanced process of self-determination that does no harm. Hilary’s years of family law experience was very helpful in both helping parties understand the costs and benefits of mediation compared to court, and also in providing separating couples without lawyers with useful legal information and guiding them through the negotiation process, together.

As the practice became busier, family mediation interns joined, followed by our first associate, family mediator Catherine Davison.


Family Mediation Becomes More Known

When we became too busy for the small space we had in Riverdale, we moved to our current space in downtown Toronto at Law Chambers, 393 University Avenue.

In 2006, family mediator, family arbitrator, and parenting coordinaor Elizabeth Hyde (also a former family litigator), joined the practice, bringing her years of family law, training and human resources experience to the Riverdale Mediation.

As we grew, so did our practice. And family mediation was becoming better known and more popular in Toronto, both with clients and with their lawyers. We invited new colleagues to join us, including Toronoto family mediator and Toronto family mediator and parenting coordinator , both with Masters in Social work and backgrounds in mental health and working with children and families.

Our mediation training practice also grew each year and we became one of the province’s busiest family mediation training practices, equipping many family mediators each year to become accredited by the Ontario Association of Family Mediation (OAFM) and the ADR Institute of Ontario, and, more recently, the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario.

With the 2007 amendments to the Family Law Act and Arbitration Act, we started offering family arbitration and, later, parenting coordination services, offering families in conflict even more options for resolving their family law matters out of court.

Full Range of Family Mediation Services

In 2011, Hilary was awarded a contract with the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General to provide family information and family mediation services in Toronto’s Superior Court of Justice (and later also the Ontario Court of Justice) and our sister company, mediate393 inc., was born.

Today, Riverdale Mediation offers a full range of Family Dispute Resolution Services including:

* family mediation of all issues on separation and divorce, including:

  • financial disclosure, review of financial statements and supporting documents, and joint preparation of net family property statements
  • income determination including review of income tax returns, and working with financial professionals to determine income,
  • child support, including guidelines, section 7, shared custody, and including creating Divorcemate Calculations for legal review
  • spousal support, including review of the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines and creating Divorcemate Calculations for legal review
  • child custody, child access complex parenting plans including working with family professionals for voice of the child reports or legal counsel for children

* mediation of co-habitation and marriage agreements

*mediation and drafting of separation agreements (for legal review)

Family Mediation for High-Conflict, LGBTQ, and More

When called on, we work with very high conflict couples and situations involving domestic violence. We work closely with legal and other support teams our clients may have—and we also mediate and arbitrate matters where one or both parties are self- represented. We are knowledgeable about agencies and resources that support families going through the challenges of separation and divorce. We work with clients from all cultures and communities, including the LGBTQ community.

And we have a great team supporting our work and our clients.

Our philosophy is that family mediation can often be a better and safer place for both former spouses or partners to have difficult conversations and work out settlements that are good for them and their children.