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Transforming Family Law: Legal Education and Transgender Parents

  FDRIO’s recent Unconference on May 4th introduced legal professionals to the perspective of LGBTQ+ parents in family law. Guest speakers touched on struggles faced by LGBTQ+ families in family law, including; fertility and what that means for coordinating parent access, child custody and parent decision making. With transgender parents, one or both parents might not be biologically connected to the …

Mediate 393 on “Voces Latinas” Radio in Toronto

On January 29, 2016, I went ‘live on-air’ on Voces Latinas, a Spanish radio talk show in Toronto to talk about Mediate393 and what it is like being a roster mediator. I began the show by providing information about Mediate393 and the services offered by our team of roster mediators. The mediators at Mediate393 are comprised of mental health professionals …

A Necessity For Training In Family Violence Screening

NOTE: Sina Hariri, who is a current intern with Riverdale Mediation Ltd., recently wrote and contributed this article to the Ontario Bar Association (OBA) website. ______________ As Family Lawyers, we are one of the critical cogs in a complicated and turbulent machine known as separation or divorce. Our clients come to us for help in navigating these turbulent waters (if …

Pecuniary Power Imbalances and Choosing a Mediator

Power imbalances are an important consideration during mediation, but they do not start when mediation begins. Rather power imbalances are pre-existing factors that are at work leading up to the process. In his paper Exploring the Concept of Power in Mediation: Mediators’ Sources of Power and Influence Tactics Shapira discusses coercive power, which is defined as “the ability to cause …

Self represented litigants: Mediation: Is there hope?

The National Self Represented Litigants Project just published an “Open Letter to the Canadian Judiciary”. It is a thoughtful and important read. The self-representing writers plead for greater understanding of their plight, and for more tolerance, compassion and assistance. This letter serves as a reminder that there are some under-utilized services to help those who cannot afford lawyers. Anyone in …

Husband murdered after failed mediation

In yet another case, a spouse has been murdered in the context of separation. This time, it is the husband who is dead.

Important case on “screening” in family mediation-arbitration

Although there are different options for screening, this case tells us why some may be better than others.

Spot the signs….. before someone dies

Why family law professionals need to learn how to screen all cases for power imbalances and family violence.