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A Parenting Schedule that “makes sense”.

Tips for making your parenting plan child-friendly.

To engage or disengage? Parenting coordination and “parallel parenting”

As a PC it is tempting to believe that, if I just try hard enough, I can change the way parents interact when it comes to their children. I’ve tried it often enough.

First, I explain to parents the negative impact of their behaviour on the kids, and work with them to develop a more cooperative way of interacting. I would fall into the trap of thinking that, with all my skill, wisdom and experience, I could get the parents to cooperate with each other.

More people are using parenting coordinators to work out holiday access

As I sit in my car, listening to “White Christmas”, feeling warmth and joy, my mind wanders to those families engaged in intense conflict over who gets the kids for the holidays.

Kirk Makin’s story in the Globe (As Christmas nears, courtrooms fill with parents battling over kids) illustrates well what some families are going through.