Results From Our Client Survey Are In!

We recently surveyed our family mediation and parenting coordination clients.

Too often we are focused on the day-to-day pressures and challenges of each file. We don’t take enough time to ask “how did I do?” or to say “thank you!”

The results were both rewarding and informative. Here is a summary of what our clients had to say about our services.

What have you liked best about working with Riverdale Mediation?

Our clients liked our commitment to professionalism, our speedy response times, and the fact that our team is highly qualified.

Several commented on how they appreciated the highly structured nature of our mediation and PC processes, and our candid, patient and calm approach.

Fairness, politeness, and accuracy in written reports was appreciated. And our clients value kindness in the professional with whom they work.

What have you liked least about our services?

Clients who struggled with the scheduling and payments systems found that frustrating. Several found the process more expensive than they had expected. And if the client felt that their important concerns were overlooked, they felt less satisfied with the experience.

What suggestions for improvement would you make to your mediator or PC?

Clients made it clear that they are looking for empathy, support and clear information about what to expect. They do not want to feel pressured.

Clients are highly sensitive to even a whiff of bias. And they do not want to feel that the process is being hijacked by the other party.

What advice would you have for the other party to make the process more effective for you both?

Clients wanted the other party to focus more on solutions and less on complaints. They wanted the other party to listen to their concerns, and to communicate. “Be kind” was a theme from several respondents.

Some great quotes:

“I would highly recommend your services to other clients”.

“Go here before you lawyer up”.

“A high degree of professionalism is especially important given the nature of family and divorce-related issues.”

“I liked the patience and calm manner, and commitment to making sure we were both heard and did not make a decision until then.”

“The Professional I spoke to was very understanding and exceeded my expectations!”

Follow up:

We are grateful to our clients for all their feedback. We will take your comments up together and implement as many of your suggestions as we can!

About Hilary Linton

Hilary Linton is a Toronto family lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, parenting coordinator and trainer. After litigating civil and family matters for 14 years, she started Riverdale Mediation Ltd. which has become internationally recognized as a leader in family dispute resolution training. The Riverdale training team designs and delivers professional, affordable, relevant and inspiring workshops for family dispute resolution professionals. The services team offers family mediation, parenting coordination and mediation-arbitration services, using Zoom and, where appropriate, in-person at our Toronto offices. Hilary’s excellence has been recognized with Awards from the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (2020), the Ontario Bar Association (2014) and with speaking and training engagements across Canada, the US, the Caribbean, Portugal, South Africa and Scandanavia.