What does a successful Parenting Coordination client look like?

I spend a considerable amount of time each month talking to prospective clients about various dispute resolution processes. I tell them what my processes look like and what my expectations are for the clients. Recently a client asked how I would describe a successful PC client. It was an excellent question as to the more we can explain to clients how to prepare and how to be successful in a DR process, the more likely that process will be successful. So how would I describe a successful parenting coordination client…….A parent who can develop the skills/mindset/attitudes/behaviours outlined below during the PC process.

  • You are open to others’ input
  • You are self-reflective
  • You have the capacity to make changes to your narrative
  • You can learn how to deal with your triggers from the other parent
  • You are able to understand the difference between your best interests and those of your children
  • You will not allow cheerleaders to influence decisions/conversations between you and your co-parent
  • You are open to doing homework on your own to shift the parenting dynamics by shifting your own behaviour
  • You will ensure that you understand the effects high conflict parenting has on your children
  • You will consider attending therapy on your own to deal with unresolved issues
  • You are solution-focused rather than problem-focused
  • You are willing to solve problems collaboratively
  • You are open to sharing information
  • You are committed to co-parenting relationship rules
  • You strive to support a healthy relationship between your child/ren and your co-parent

You have an awareness of the need for change” (problem awareness) from a personal and intrinsic point of view vs. a “blaming stance”


By Elizabeth Hyde with contributions from Jared Norton, Marianne Cuhaci and Liz Fabiano